Remember the Sister Books?

Okay, I was trying to get my creative juices flowing as I wait on the arrival of the new book. But, my creativity is not working right today. It might be the clouds in the air. LOL
I was just trying to make a book flyer, but since I am not very techie, it didn’t work out. I might take a stab at it again later, because I am the type who does not give up easily.

Anyway, I am recommending two of my favorite books, which are listed on I call these my sister books, because the Ella Rose saga continues. I think she is done telling her story as a teenager. However, she just might come back as an adult telling her qualms and struggles of what it is like to be a person who is hearing impaired. I love these books and you will too……

Another Sugarberry Book

Another Sugarberry Book

When Silence is not golden, ebook cover 2


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