My Author Website: Critique Me

I’ve been sitting here all morning updating my author website. I think it looks pretty good, but that’s just one opinion…mine. After doing a lot of reading on what makes an author’s website work and taking notes, I really did have to make some minor changes; you know, deleting something here and adding something else there. It’s all about me and my books, which is positive stuff, encouraging stuff for others. But like I said, this is just my opinion. What’s your take on my website, which I will add the link to this post so you can give me your honest take on it? Critique my website, I don’t mind as long as you share any ideas or suggestions with me. I’m all about improving and making things better. But sometimes, you need another pair of eyes to make that happen, because you don’t always catch the little things that someone else might see.

So please, stop by and visit, take a look.



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