Ads Ads Everywhere

Ads everywhere 1Boy oh boy, I am happy to say that I will not get annoyed with pop up ads ever again, because you never know what you might get a glimpse of. Perhaps you will discover something out of the ordinary.

That is exactly what happened to me today. I was on Yahoo checking my email messages. I was about to respond to one of my messages when I saw a pop up with a familiar image on it. I stopped everything I was doing and immediately clicked on it. Guess what it was….my children’s book “Kumani”. Amazon was advertising it today in the sidebar. Talk about a grin on my face! Now this is the 2nd time this has ever happened. The first time, “Broken Voices” was showing up in the sidebar as an ad from Amazon on Yahoo. All I can say is…..Thank you Amazon for your ads and for broadcasting my books for children and young adults. I love the book exposure! I get so excited over little things. That exposure lasted for just a few minutes.

Oh, and one more other thing, a couple of weeks ago; my niece called me and informed me that she just saw my book “Broken Voices” being advertised on Bounce TV. They were showing the book covers of area artist. Well, I watched Bounce TV all day waiting to see what she saw. I never did see that commercial. But she said she saw it 3 times before she called me. None the less, I was glad she saw it and reported it to me. I wonder who else saw my book being advertised. Did you?


Another Sugarberry Book

Another Sugarberry Book


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