Book 2 of the Ella Rose Saga with an Excerpt.

I mentioned earlier that Ella Rose wanted me to continue her story, after all she is older so she is experiencing new things and new situations as she faces her challenges as a hearing impaired high school student. Her strength and determination shines just as much in “When Silence is Not Golden,” as it did in “Broken Voices.” I call these my sister books because they go hand in hand. Are you by chance ready for the prom, or at least thinking about it? Do you have your eye on a special date? See how Ella Rose and her best friend prepare for this special occasion and find out how Ella faces her challenges and one irritating and jealous classmate who tries to ruin it all. Does she succeed? You will just have to read the book to find out. But, I will let you read a little excerpt to get you hooked.

When Silence is not golden, ebook cover 2 Where can you get this book? Amazon of course!

Excerpt: When Silence is Not Golden

Ella was filling the pages with her thoughts when she caught sight from the corner of her eye, the yellow flashing light blinking in the corner of her room; the alert signal paging her to come downstairs. Ella closed her journal and hurried out of her room and down the steps. All the while, wondering how long the yellow light was blinking to signal her that she was wanted.
“Have you been paging me long, Mom? I just noticed the light blinking,” Ella said with a raspy sounding voice when she entered the room. Victoria Abbott turned around to face her when she entered the kitchen like a playful little cat.
“No, not long, but you would have heard me call your name if you would wear that hearing aid,” her mother said, using her fingers and voice to speak to her daughter.
“I refuse to wear that thing! It’s ugly and it looks too obvious having that big brown thing sticking in my ears.” Ella’s fingers moved swiftly and with eloquence when she gave her mother a response. “Besides, I can’t hear you from downstairs, even with the thing on. They are not that strong, you know.” This time, Ella’s voice could be heard as she plopped down on a stool at the kitchen island. She already sensed a sermon was coming her way.
“Well, you might not want to wear them at school; I can understand that, but when you are home and around family, you should so that you can get use to it. I want you to hear us when we are speaking to you.” This time her mother did not sign, instead she spoke normal, letting her daughter read her lips. “You’ve had it for three months now and you barely wear it. You will never get use to it if you don’t start wearing them.”
Ella read her mother’s mouth movements and responded with a stiff lip, her voice sounding edgy with irritation. “I am getting along quite well without it.” Ella’s voice was cracking as she spoke. “I don’t need to get use to the darn things. I know how to get by. Heck half the kids at school still aren’t aware that I have a hearing problem because I know how to use my other senses to my advantage. I’ve had years of practice.” Ella was hoping that her words would sink in. “Besides, I like to wear pretty earrings too much to have that brown contraption sticking out of my ears taking away the earring effect. It doesn’t make me look or feel good or normal,” she said shifting her body in the seat to find a more comfortable angle. She let out a heavy sigh in desperation before continuing. “I want the pleasure of being normal like everyone else. And not only that, it’s irritating and annoying, like walking around with giant cotton balls in your ears. If you don’t believe me, you should try it… see for yourself. See how irritating it is.”
“Well, I can see there is no need trying to get you to see my point right now, even though having you hear us speaking to you when you are home is what makes thing seem normal for me around here,” her mother said. “But, sometimes Ella, you can be as stubborn as an old mule when someone tries to tell you something for your own good. They say teenagers think they know everything.”
“Well, I am a teenager who has her own mind and will power, you know. I am my own person.”
“Well, this discussion is closed for now; you can take that mind of yours and that will power and set the table for dinner. Your father will be home soon.”
“What did you say Mom? I can’t hear you,” Ella Rose said with a giggle, making light of the subject matter and situation as she lifted herself from the stool.

The Sister Books side by side

When Silence is not golden, ebook cover 2

Another Sugarberry Book

Another Sugarberry Book


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