My Favorite Books, Do You Know What They Are?

I am on a roll today when it comes to writing, two blogs in one day. I must be going in for a home run or a touch down, since this is the season. Just a little sports talk, not that I am really into all that. However, I do know those two terms. LOL One is referring to baseball and the other is football….that’s all I’m saying.

However, writing and creating books for children and teens is my thing, my sport outlet I guess you can say. After all I’ve  made about 12 touchdowns, or you can say I hit a home run 12 times with titles as an author. I am on the scoreboard with books!

Out of all my titles and I really don’t like saying this, but I do have some favorites. Although all the characters that I have created do touch my heart. I hope they touch the hearts of readers too; after all, they are charismatic and irresistible. They grow on you from the very first page.

Okay, so here’s my little book title secret…….my favorites.

Along Came Jelly-Beanz thumbnailWhen Silence is not golden, ebook cover 2Broken_Voices_Cover_for_KindleKumani print BookCoverImage

Jump into Spring with Gracie thumbnailWohali

So, I have quite a few favorites. It is so hard to just pick one. Do you have a favorite book written by Author Winona Rasheed?  I am working on a new one too, to add to this favorite list.

Where can you pick up books written by Winona Rasheed?  Amazon of course, my favorite online book store because all of my books are there.

Hit a home run with a good book today.


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