Figments of My Author Imagination

figment of my imagination 5

Sitting here thinking about the characters that I have created over the years. So I decided to make a list of them.
Ella Rose Abbott
Kumani and Bantu
Rudy and Lucky Martin
SlowPoke and Speedy
Rusty, Dusty and Jake
Farmer Jones and King Thomas
Buster Brown Bear and Friends
Kal and Kallie
Macklefee, Eunice and the Wizard
Josie, Leslie and the Genie
Trenton and Jasmine
Lizzie, Sarah-Jean and Jellybeanz

Just to name a few of my inspiring characters; a mixture of people, furry and feathered creatures and mystical beings to highlight a well told story for readers. Each one of these character names is associated to a story behind the pages of a book that I have written. Since I have talked about my books so often, I wonder… can you match the names with the book title? Do you know my titles? Go to and find out.


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