Books for Kids and Teens

Reading, Science, Math, Biology, History, Geography; text books to get your smarts on when going back to school for the new year. Something tells me there is going to be a lot of testings and studying going on. And if I know kids like I know kids; a lot of cramming will be taking place too as you obtain those high grades. Yeah, I know you are going to do your best this year and you are going to excel in all you do. But wait, don’t forget to water your imagination with some good books to read on the side when you aren’t studying. Even if you can only find time to read a good book on the weekends or those days when there is no school for one reason or another.
Author Winona Rasheed has books for all ages, from kids to teens and stories that will strike your fancy. Single books or if you are partial to books with multiple stories, she has created a few of those too. Check her out on when you want a good fiction book that is age appropriate. Perhaps you and your parents will explore her titles together. You can purchase titles in e-book format or print. And guess what… her e-book titles are on sell. What a deal, what a deal for back to school. Come on, let’s take a peek at her covers and titles.

The OMG! Books collage by pizap small.


Along Came Jelly-Beanz thumbnail




When Silence is not golden, ebook cover 2


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