Beating the Odds

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The five senses: tasting, smelling, touching, seeing and hearing.
Can you imagine what life would be like for an individual if any one of these senses was not in good working order as it should be? How would you feel and get along in life if you couldn’t hear the sounds around you, or the voices of your family and friends? Would communication come to a dead halt for you and your life become hopeless? How would this problem affect your daily life, especially as an impressionable teenager? Would you try to keep it a secret and hide it from your peers? How would you “fit in” and feel “normal” in a hearing world?

These two books listed takes you into the world of the deaf and hearing impaired and from the viewpoint of Ella Rose Abbott, a teenager living with a disability and fighting and beating the odds of her situation.

Two stories that deal with reality in today’s society. The Ella Rose Saga in two books, because you can’t read just one. Broken Voices & When Silence is Not Golden

Broken Voices PrintBook Cover Image

When Silence Is Not Golden BookCoverImage

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