UPDATE: Keeping You in the Know


Update, because Book Covers and Titles matters!

With that thought in mind, it is time to unveil what I’ve been working on. My all time favorite books are back…almost in their original state. You know how you do when you want to make something even better, so you start to recreate. However, sometimes you should just leave stuff alone. Keep it as it was, especially since it was already in a good state and at a great place. I learned that with my master pieces; so they are back as of today. They are on Amazon.com and even the prices have changed, which makes it even better. Hot deals in e-books and print for kids, teens and tweens.

Here they are:

Broken Voices PrintBook Cover Image

Kumani print BookCoverImage

When Silence Is Not Golden BookCoverImage

For me, I’m just keeping it real. So, what do you think?


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