Fairy Tales Never Get Old, The Just Get Better

Dang it, just lost my train of thought. I knew I should have written down what I was thinking. LOL How many times have you done that? Oh, it just came back to me, so I can continue. Time for a little Book talk.

Fairy-tales, out with the old ones and in with some new ones; after all, it’s the sign of the times and I am keeping up with it. What about you? What is your favorite fairy-tale of long ago? Do you have a modern day fairy-tale that you think is appealing to young readers? I guess the child in me continues to live on, because I love creating fairy-tales. As a matter of fact, I am working on one right now that will spark the imagination in young readers, a story that will make reading fun and enjoyable. Do you have kids who hate to read? The trick is finding the right book that will keep them turning the pages until they come to the end. Another trick is finding the right characters that work the reader’s senses, characters that they can relate too and themes that they can identify with. One of my favorite books to read to kids was, “The Monster and the End of the Book”. I read that to my class of 4-year-olds when I worked in Daycare. I enjoyed that book just as much as the kids. It grabbed you and kept you in suspense from page 1.
Speaking of grabbing your attention, take a look at some of my titles on Amazon.com that will surely make reading fun, interesting and entertaining for reluctant readers and for those who don’t want to sit still long enough to be read to. Take command with a good book and yes……..I Got Them, fairy-tales and more.

A little something for everyone.

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