Who is Ella Rose?

Who is Ella Rose and what is so different about her?
I know you’ve heard me talk about this particular book character before. I talk about her and her situation all the time as I go about describing the book without giving away the essence of the storyline.
This is the 2nd edition of an unforgettable character. Same great story, but with an updated cover. This is my novel for teens, which can also be read on Kindle or as a paperback book.
In this story, Ella Rose is not your typical teenager though she tries to be as she goes about hiding a secret, a secret that could label her as a handicapped individual. How does she survive the big change in her life as she moves to the inner city? How does she adjust to her peers and teachers as she enters the 9th grade amongst strangers who are classified as “normal?”
You will have to read the book to get a closer look at Ella Rose and her situation. Her voice is loud and clear in “The Muffled Sounds of Ella Rose.”
But wait, her saga continues in book 2, “When Silence is Not Golden.” In this episode, she is two years older, but still deals with the negative side of being different. She has her heart set on going to the prom. But, with her physical issue; normal teenage problems become magnified; problems involving a new boyfriend, a long time rival and a threat of the school dance turning into a disaster because of deceit, battered egos, jealousy and evil plotting. Sounds intriguing, right?
These are must reads for summer vacation. Both books are riveting and thought provoking because they are relevant to today’s teenager who deals with self esteem, dignity and confidence and pride while facing the odds.

The Muffled Sounds of Ella Rose BookCoverImage

When Silence is Not Golden BookCoverImage


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