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Missing in Action

Is it hot enoujgh for you 1
Good grief, did you miss me? I know, I’ve been missing in action for a few days and haven’t blogged or written anything. Perhaps it’s the heat that is snatching my writer’s mojo. But I am not the one to complain, because I’ve been waiting on this weather since December and it is finally here.
I was checking on my books, and guess what else is lacking in action…my titles. Where are my readers? Where are my book buyers? This makes me wonder where are the young readers, the middle graders and the teen readers? What, you guys don’t have kids who read books anymore?

I know in most cases, school is out and text books have been put away until the fall; but my books for kids, tweens and teens are not text books. They don’t come with tests or a pop quiz. They are just fun, entertaining and amusing reads for those who love great stories. Stories that will take the edge off of reality and being bored…Hey, don’t kids always say that…I’m bored? Well guess what, they won’t get bored with my titles. The characters will pull at their heart strings and their imagination. They will be able to relate to the themes of the stories. That’s what makes them ideal. Even adults will enjoy the stories too. Hey, you can even read the titles on Kindle or you can purchase a print copy.

Look me up on Amazon…do you remember my name? Okay, let me tell you again. It is….Winona Rasheed. And yes, I am here to promote myself as an author and promoting all of my books. By the way, I am working on a new one. Just me being me and doing what I love.

Now don’t you think your readers should be reading my books? I think so too. One thing for sure, you can’t go wrong with a good book in your hand, especially during the summer heatwave.

So, enjoy your vacation and enjoy a few books while you wait for school to start back up. Okay, get the frown off your face. It’s all good.



Winona or Mz Nona is an inspiring writer living in Washington DC with her hubby of many years. She enjoys writing so much that she is even a freelance article writer. When she is not busy creating articles, she is busy creating books for the young. Mz Nona has 6 published books out already and a 7th one is in the makings, for she just signed a contract with a publisher. Mz Nona loves to inspire others to write and she does so with her freelance writing and editing business, Dream Writers' Essentials. She not only creates her own manuscripts, she help others fine tune theirs for submission. She is great at giving writing tips and resources. Winona is a bundle of information, for she loves to blog and she is a super fan or Facebook and Twitter.

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