Bittersweet Dayz

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If you have wondered or are curious as to whatever happened to Ella Rose Abbott after the conclusion of “Broken Voices,” as she settled into her new life and living with a secret; wonder no more. You can now get an update of the Ella Rose saga in “Bittersweet Dayz.”

Read about her continued struggles as a hearing impaired teenager who tries to have as much of a normal seeming life as her peers; doing things that teenagers do when they don’t have to live with a disability that brings about unusual challenges and interferes with everyday living and being a typical teenager.

In this story of reality, Ella Rose faces not only jealousy, deceptions, heartbreak and confrontations from her worse enemy that threatens prom night; she also must cope with the situation of finding a way to be able to dance and hear the music while she continues to hide her deafness among her peers and her prom date. Her preparations for the big event are no doubt frustrating as she puts her best foot forward and tries to cope with her unusual situation. Will she make it to the prom; will she have a good time? You will have to read the book to find out.

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