How to Make Amazon’s SECRET Promotional Tools Work for Your Book

I love this step by step walk through. I am going to try this and going to begin today. Great blog information!

CWC - Berkeley Marketing

By  Tom Carter (Written exclusively for the California Writers Club Berkeley Branch)


Independently-published and POD authors have come to rely on a number of free online marketing tools to generate exposure and, in turn, sales of our books. Chief amongst such tools is blogging. Blogs are indisputable in terms of attracting potential customers to your book. I needn’t extol the virtues of blogging because, really, it’s obvious: every indie author should own a blog and be posting at least once daily.  Kind of like how children ought to drink milk every day so that they grow up strong, consistent blogging is a requisite to your book’s success.

Perhaps some of you reading this have personal reasons for not updating your blog on a daily bases, such as time constraints or writer’s block, yet you still want to promote your book.  If so, keep reading, because I…

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