So Many Books……

so many books 1

so many books 2

That’s right, so many books and just not enough time to read them all!

I was just thumbing through Google search and found so many titles of children and teen books. It just blew my mind of how many I haven’t read. So guess what I did. I made a list of titles that date all the way back to…800.Bc to the 21st century. Now mind you, there was no way I could list all those book, I’d be typing for days and this blog would be way too long. So, I just made a short list of the titles that I am familiar with while growing up. And then I made a title list of today’s African American books for young readers. Can you guess what’s coming next after I list all these titles? You will just have to wait and see. Anyway, look through the list that I concocted and see if the classic titles are familiar to you. Which ones have you read and which is your favorite of these old time classics? Well, here we go!

Aesop’s Fables-Tales of Mother Goose- Little Goody Two Shoes- Children of the New Forest-The Wonderful Wizard of Oz-Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm-The Cat in the Hat-To Kill a Mockingbird-A Taste of Blackberries
Little House on the PrairieCharlotte’s Web– A Wrinkle in Time-The Secret Garden-Little Women-Matilda-Curious George-Flowers in the Attic- The Monster at the End of the Book. The bold highlighted ones are the ones I’ve read as a child.

The Story of Ruby Bridges- A Sweet Smell of Roses- The Patchwork Quilt-Through My Eyes-Amazing Grace-Momma I Want to Sing-Shortcut-Cousins- Tar Beach-Aunt Flossie’s Hats(and Crab Cakes Later)
With these titles, I believe I will be adding more books to my kindle list of reads. These titles look mighty tasty to me.

Book Tree

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