Spotlight on New Line Press

new line press publishing 1

Did you know that New Line Press has been in operation since 2004? As a matter of fact, NLP had an anniversary not long ago. You might have seen some of the posts.

The proprietor and the master-brain behind this unique publishing business is Catherine Burr of California. She not only publishes book for others, she is a published author herself. She has quite a few titles that bare her name. Her expertise in writing shows in her books for children and adults. She is my inspiration. Catherine Burr is talented, creative and she knows the business of writing, editing and publishing; the ins and outs to make an author shine when they are under the NLP seal of approval and acceptance.

Visit the pages of her website for kidz and teenz; look around and perhaps buy a book or two to celebrate the love of reading great books. The pages are well organized, easy to follow and simple to use when in search of a good book. There’s information for everyone who has a need to explore great titles.

From me, Winona Rasheed the director of the Kidz and Teenz webpages and Catherine Burr, the owner and creator of NLP…we say thank you for stopping by. We are women with a vision and a mission of promoting great books for people who like to read.



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