What’s on Your Kindle and Nook?


I was just sitting here thinking and thought I’d open up the evening with this question. What’s on your Kindle and Nook? I don’t have a Nook, but I do have Kindle on my Galaxy 3. These are the titles that I own.
1. The Ugly Daughter (A Memoir)* by Julia Legian and Dawn Burke
2. Angels Watching Over Me* by Michael Phillips
3. Children of Saint Cloud* by Dragica Lord
4. Phacebook Drama* by Dragica Lord
5. The Mercy Seat* by Alvetta Roll
6. Dark Moon Magic* by Jerri Drennen
7. The Preacher’s Wife* by Jody hedlund
8. How Sweet the Sound* by Amy K. Sorrells
9. Finding Sarah* by Terry ODell
10.Once Upon a Summer* by Janette Oke
11. Losing It All* by Marsha Cornelius
12. The Forgotten Man* by J. Pepper Bryar
13. All God’s Children* by Anna Schmidt
14. Church Gurlz 1 * By H.H. Fowler
15. Brownie Points * by Jennifer Coburn
16. Broken Voices * by Winona Rasheed
17. Georgiana Darcy’s Diary* by Anna Elliot
18. The Magic in the Receiver* by Paul Dillon
19. The Arrangement* by Shay Gray
20. Mojave Showdown* by L.J. Martin

That’s a lot of books on my Kindle app. Out of twenty, I’ve read completely 3 books, of which one is mine. I am not going to tell you which one that is, I will just let you guess.

After reading the two books by Dragica Lord, I highly recommend her titles. Both are intriguing and will keep you turning the pages. I love her characters, especially in The Children of Saint Cloud.

A couple others I’ve started on, but dag-gone-it, I keep getting distracted and interrupted.”All God’s Children is starting out pretty good, the characters are engaging; It is the same with Angels Watching Over Me. The background and settings takes you back into earlier times. Anyway, I hope I get around to finishing them. I believe they will be well worth reading because I am already attracted. Just have to reconnect with my books; perhaps less blogging, tweeting and Facebook posting will lead to more reading. What? Did I actually say that? Or was it just a slip of the tongue and my typing fingers?

It is my intent to have all 20 books read by the end of the summer, that’s my goal…I just set it. Then I can work on another list of titles yet to be found. Wnen I get down to book # 19, I will start browsing again. I will keep you posted on how this goes.

So tell me, how does your book list look? Have you read any of the titles that are on my list? Which of the listed book titles would you be interested in reading? Maybe you would like to join me in reading twenty books over the summer. Hey, get the kids involved with this reading project and lets see who beats who, or see who comes in first in this book race. Cheating is not allowed.

Well, it is time for a late evening snack, so this blog piece is coming to an end. Don’t be shy, give me a reply.


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