Children’s Book Week May 12-18th

Children's book week 2014

Here it is the middle of the week, I’ve let two days pass by without mentioning that this is Children’s Book Week. Do you know what that means? This is the time to promote reading and introducing children to new books and new authors. Of course, it is my opinion that reading good books should be an everyday thing and not just designated for a particular week. But, this is when we recognize the occasion as we push for the love of reading and indulging in great books. So, as a children’s author…..I celebrate and appreciate the chance to promote my books, because I want all children to read and enjoy the books that I’ve created. I want adults to enjoy the books too, especially when they read them to their young readers. Remember young folks, reading is not a waste of time.

As Director of the New Line Press Media sites designed for children and teens, we celebrate children’s book week by showing off the books, which are made available through on the two websites that we operate. We take pride in what we do because New Line Press books matter and they make a difference in reading material that is age appropriate and engaging.

If you haven’t done so already, hop on over to the websites listed below and take a look at the inspiring books that are available. Choose what you want and then walk on over to Amazon to make a purchase. Remember, the books are just a click away. The Kindle versions will show up immediately on your electronic devices too……I personally love and highly recommend, because all of my “Struttin My Stuff” books are there and so is New Line Press Books.

Stop by these family friendly sites today and take a look around. I guarantee you will like what you see and you will find something you like.

The Soul of a book


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