It’s Live and Updated.


I bet you can’t guess what I just accomplished…Okay, since you can’t guess, I suppose I will have to tell you. I just finished my Wix website. It’s all done and updated. And I do approve of the new look of my author’s website. Getting through all that technical mumbo jumbo was well worth all my efforts. Will I rush out and start my own business in creating websites for others?………..No way! Doing mine is enough work for me. Now I am out here promoting it.

I enjoy promoting things when I have completed a project; regardless of what it is, a blog, a website or a new book. It’s the final step in being and feeling accomplished. With that being said, do you think I should show you my laundry that I accomplished today or my organized kitchen cabinets that I also did today….Nah! That’s getting a tad bit carried away. LOL

Well, when you get time, I’d appreciate it if you take a look at my accomplishment. Tell me what you think, let me know if my website is easy to follow and easy to manipulate. Do you like my music and Voki? Do you like the content? Hey, why not leave me a comment. Now that would really be nice.

So check me out, stop by and stay awhile.


2 thoughts on “It’s Live and Updated.

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