My Author Websites

question mark 3Well guess what, I now have two author websites that I am working with. As you can see, I get carried away most all of the time when I do something. All because I enjoy what I do. But, does an author need two websites? What is your opinion?

These websites are indeed different from one another. One has music on a few pages along with informative content. Both have blogs, and one even has the speaking characters on it that I just figured out how to use today. Both have been updated as well. So which one do you think I am leaning towards if I make a decision to let one go?

Take a look at them both and let me know which one you like or prefer. Which one is more informative? And, do you think I have the right information? Let me know if something is lacking and where. If anything, how and what would you improve or change about a particular website? I’m anxious for some input.

Well, that’s it for today. Being creative wears you out. LOL


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