What is a Voki?

question-mark 2

Voki is a cool app that I found yesterday. You might remember the posts I made using it. It’s a character speaking device that you can use for practically everything to help you demonstrate and illustrate the work that you do, especially if you are an educator. You can use the speaking characters for lessons, giving slide presentations and so on and so on. However, I use this creative app for presenting and promoting my books. You have many characters to choose from. I must say, since yesterday, I’ve collected more than a handful of characters, scenes and voices in my line of work. I think they turned out pretty good and I will continue to use them. One day I hope to upgrade so I can have more benefits of using these characters. I think it is worth it.

Well, before I go, let me say one more thing…….Check out my Voki whenever you see it. Just click on the link.

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