Blog Facelift

good grief!

Here I am sitting here looking at all these blog themes and trying to spruce up things around here. It’s hard to choose when you see so many neat and inspiring ideas to choose from. This is the second time I changed the theme today. However, I think I will keep this one for awhile…I think. You can never tell with me because I am always changing my mind. Sometimes, I think I be trippin. lol Trippin off coffee.

I think this theme represents me as a children’s author. I wanted something bright and cheery too, to go along with my mood and attitude.

Hey, did you see what I posted earlier today, I went crazy when I found the avatars with a speaking voice. Immediately I thought I could use this in promoting my books and me as an author. I like the characters I am working with. I think it is so creative. As an author, you are always thinking of ways to be creative, especially with promoting. I think this does the trick. Convenient because it’s less typing for me. Just let my avatars speak. So yes, I believe I will be using them quite often, here and there and everywhere.

Well, since I changed my theme, I just had to do one more chat before turning in….gotta save some good stuff for tomorrow.
Plus I wanted to see what this was going to look like. Ahh yes. yellow is a good color. The theme is different, but so am I.


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