OMG! Guess What’s New?

I’ve been working hard and diligently on my OMG! Book project and guess what, I just finalized the last book in this little series of short stories for young readers. All together, there are 3 books that bare the title of “OMG!”….so far. These books are for readers in the age bracket of 7-9; however, 10 and 11 years old will enjoy them too. In reality, I guess you can say that my books are for all ages, because adults will enjoy them as well when they read the stories to their children for those special moments.

I chose to call these reads my OMG! books because I thought the titles would attract young readers because of the lingo, after all, OMG is the word of today. I gotta keep up with the modern times, don’t I? Give them what they want!

Two of these books are already on Amazon in paperback as well as in the Kindle format. You just gotta love those eBooks! Right now, eBooks are better sellers than the print version. But quite frankly, I prefer the print. I think because I like the idea of seeing all my books in physical form, all lined up together showing my accomplishments as an author. And because I am a tad bit old fashion. But for readers in this modern world of technology, devices and apps; it’s good to know you have options for both the young, the in be-tweeners and for those old schooler folks. Read anywhere and at any time! Now that is a great motto.

Available to you now are:
OMG!_Talez_with_Tail_Cover_for_Kindle thumbnail

OMG! Ragdoll Talez cover image thumbnail

Coming to you soon is my latest great read: Here is a peek of the last but not least, 3rd OMG! Book of short stories. And yes, I am tickled pink…..Imagine that!

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