Okay, I am sitting here a nervous wreck. Heart pounding and eye jumping. I know, I need to calm down! I bet you are wondering what the problem is…Let me tell you. I have a dental appointment at 2: o’ clock. Part of me is wanting to get this done and over with, but the other part of me is wanting to run. I know, it sounds like I have issues. Perhaps I do, because I don’t know where this fear is coming from. Just the thought sends me into a whirl wind of emotions. But, I have to do what I have to do…right?
Now don’t laugh, but I’d rather be in labor and having a baby instead of sitting in a dental chair. Now isn’t that weird, especially at my age. I need to quit, but I don’t know how to stop this annoying and antagonizing fear and dread. When you sit in that chair, you are at the mercy of that dentist.
I’ve been praying and meditating all morning to get through this. Imagine if I had other medical issues to contend with…I really would be flipping my lid and becoming a basket case. I think I am a basket case already….woe is me!
You know what, I think I need sedated before I even leave the house. But all I have is my blood pressure medicine, which I took.
I will be glad when 3 or 4 O’clock rolls around, because hopefully I will be back home safe and sound and my nerves coming down, getting back to normal.
Yes, I am not going alone…are you crazy? My daughter, bless her heart is coming with me to hold my hand and give me support. Hubby will take over when I get back home. He is not good with stuff like this.
Well, considering it is going on 1, I think I better get dressed. My dentist is right around the corner from my house, which is really a convenience and he is a good dentist. Yep, I’ve been to him before. My fear and emotions were just as high then as they are now. So why am I in a hurry to get dress when he is five minutes away….it’s my nerves causing me to do this. Maybe I should have made my appointment for early in the morning, perhaps now I would be back home instead of waiting, worrying and looking at the clock…….you know what, I think I need a drink! Geesh, this is tense. Right now, I can’t even concentrate on my book that might be released today or tomorrow….that’s pitiful, this dental stuff is messing up my book excitement.
I will report back later….until then, wish me luck. Say a prayer because I really do need it.


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