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The 100 Mark

kid quote 3

Well I did it, as of today and with this posting, I’ve created 100 blog posts. However, I know you are probably saying to yourself…”whose counting?” But I admit, I am a blog fanatic and I was waiting on that 100 mark. So that is why I am here today.

I am going to do something a little different today with this blog….I am going to make you giggle. After all, it is Monday and the beginning of the work week and who doesn’t need a little laughter on the first day of the work week? This will help you get through it all. Giggle Giggle.

The Funny Things That Kids Say:

1. “When your mother is mad and ask you, “do I look stupid?” It is best not to answer.” says 13-year-old Meghan.

2. “If your mom picks your clothes and you dislike them, tell her they don’t fit,” says 12-year-old Christie.

3. “When a person gets kissed for the first time, they fall down and they don’t get up for at least and hour,” says 8-year-old Wendy.

Teacher: In this box, I have a ten-foot snake.
Sammy: You can’t fool me teacher…snakes don’t have feet.

kid quote 1

kid quote 2

kid quote 4

kid quote 5



Winona or Mz Nona is an inspiring writer living in Washington DC with her hubby of many years. She enjoys writing so much that she is even a freelance article writer. When she is not busy creating articles, she is busy creating books for the young. Mz Nona has 6 published books out already and a 7th one is in the makings, for she just signed a contract with a publisher. Mz Nona loves to inspire others to write and she does so with her freelance writing and editing business, Dream Writers' Essentials. She not only creates her own manuscripts, she help others fine tune theirs for submission. She is great at giving writing tips and resources. Winona is a bundle of information, for she loves to blog and she is a super fan or Facebook and Twitter.

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