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Wow, Once upon a time. I am living a dream.

New Line Press

10157137_10203654487265997_7051888291433232934_n New Line Press is proud to announce a new blog and social media director for NLP Kidz and NLP Teenz . Winona Rasheed , author of over a dozen books and mentor to many up and coming writers, has an extensive background in writing children’s and teen books.

Winona is active on social media, you can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, to name a few places where she connects with readers and writers alike.

NLP Kidzare books just for kids and can be found at

NLP Teenz are books just for teens and can be found at

Winona posts informative blogs for parents of young readers and teens. She also posts information that she has found helpful to writers. With her background as a talented author and with her active social media presence, you’ll want to follow her posts and every tweet!

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