Boy oh boy, this sure has been one mind boggling day as I sit at my desk trying to figure this books stuff out. Being a self-publisher is not easy when it comes to the physical and technical side of books. I think that’s why I love being published traditionally; they handle all that techie stuff themselves and when the author is finish with all the editing, it is the publisher who present them with an excellent book after doing all the complicated footwork themselves.

I’ve been working all day on updating some old books that I done myself. Yes I am very proud of what I accomplished. Anyway, the updating included getting preview copies for both Createspace and Kindle Direct. That task may sound easy, but for me, it was not. My files that I used one place, wouldn’t work for the other. So, I had to download some applications so I could convert files. I managed to do that correctly, but somewhere along the line of converting, saving and then finding what I saved got all mixed up. At one point I save so much stuff, I was downloading a file for the wrong book and back I go to the beginning to straighten that mess out. I was ready to scream up in here. But did I stop and give up…..No sirree. I GOT IT DONE!

Now I have four updated books, three is in review and one went live today. I still have one more ole book to prepare. I am hoping with this last one, it will be smoother and less complicated so that I can sail through it like I know what I am doing. But thank goodness, when all is done, all five published books will be on Kindle Direct. Next task, figuring out how to get them listed at the iTunes store for people with iPads. I don’t think I was born to be a publisher, I was born to be a writer/author. But sometimes, you just gotta do what you got to do. Who knows, maybe one day I will become a publisher as well as an author….but first things first, work on my stuff before I try working on other people’s stuff; know what I am doing before I even think about taking that plunge. This might take sometime to even get there, regardless if the door is half way open. You know what they say……practice make perfect.

Okay, I am done…I feel exhausted, but yet accomplished on this Saturday evening….it’s dinner and Netflix time.

4 thoughts on “Mind-Boggling

  1. All that formatting is a lot of work! It’s tedious, and not really complicated, but not all that intuitive either. And one little mistake can mean starting over. Glad you got so much accomplished in one day!


    • Thanks for stopping by JWatkins. For me, it was tedious and complicated. LOL One book went live on KD, and lo and behold when I checked the book out, the interior was the preview file instead of the complete book. I had to hurry and get rid of that…only 9 pages. So I started all over again. I rechecked Amazon to make sure that book was gone. Now I am back in the review process. I think I just overdone it for one day. All the files were looking the same. LOL


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