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Stop, look and read! You know, gone are the days of those Sally, Dick and Jane books. As parents, you might remember those books of long ago…well maybe not if you weren’t born in the 50’s. But those were some of the books that we read in elementary school. “See Spot Run.” Or See Spot chase Puff.” Believe it or not, those reading books for young children were…how can I say it, INTERESTING. Those characters taught us the love of reading.

However, today in the world of books for young readers, things have gotten a whole lot better. Books for young readers have become modernized and yes, even techified. Young characters are doing more than running, jumping, hiding and skipping in books. Some of the characters aren’t even human, they talk and take on human characteristics, such as the book entitled “OMG! Talez with Tails.” However, don’t go out and try to find that book just yet, because it hasn’t been released yet. However, it is in the final publishing process. I just mentioned it because it ties into what I am saying.

But wait, I do have a list of titles that are published and available. As a matter of fact, when looking for great books that are perfect reads for young children, you should check out the titles by Catherine Burr of New Line Press. As an author/publisher, she knows her business and she delivers only the best in reading material for young readers. She has produced a series called “The Shadow Cat Series”. With this series comes such titles as: The Cat with No name, The Cat Who went Lame, The Cat Who Could Count, and “The Cat Who Would Never Be the Same.” If you and your young ones are crazy about our furry feline critters, these books will delight you and your young readers.

Other books by Catherine Burr include: God Loves me, and God Loves Me too, ” which are titles written especially for male and female readers, differentiating between the two.

Catherine Burr’s children books are entertaining, wholesome and her book covers are unique, eye catchers for sure. Take a look for yourself and see if you don’t want to add these New Line Press books to your Kidz bookshelf. Oh, I almost forgot, not into reading paperback books anymore, no problem because her titles also come as eBooks too. Yes, gotta give a big shout out for KINDLES in this modern world of reading electronically.

Catherine Burr- Shadow Cat finds fame

Catherine Burr-God Loves Me too

Catherine Burr-God Loves Me

Catherine Burr-The Cat who could count

Catherine Burr-The Cat with No Name

Pick up a copy today from…..we love this online store!


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