2nd Edition or Not?


I’ve been thinking about this project for quite some times and today, I jumped into it. However, not before doing a little research before I started.

You see, I have several oldie but goodie books that are sitting around collecting cobwebs. They’ve been at a stand still for years. My poor babies need some attention and promoting them is not doing the trick. Though they are available, they aren’t getting noticed and no one is bothering to leave a review of them. So I asked myself, what to do, what to do?

Through my research, I found out about a 2nd edition and what all it entails. Since I have no reviews for these titles and they aren’t selling, because I see no royalties coming in on them. I could do a second edition….so that’s what I did. Well, one of the books is being updated and reviewed right now by Create Space. It’s almost like a new book, because it was re-edited, a new cover, new title, new size and most of all, assigned a new ISBN#. But, it still has the same content and illustrations.

I just hope this update works, trust me when I say, the books needed a facelift. I believe now this book that I am working on, has “Wow power” at first glance.


3 thoughts on “2nd Edition or Not?

  1. The thing that I like about bringing it out as a new release, which essentially it is, is that you would have a new release date, a current one as opposed to being years old.

    And you’re right to look at reviews. If you had a ton of reviews and you retired that title, the reviews would disappear too.

    Sounds like you are on the right track.


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