Lions, Tigers and Apes…Oh My!


Guess what today is, give up, let me tell you. It’s Easter Monday. I never heard of this celebrated day until we moved to DC way back when, because originally, I am from Ohio. However, over the years, I found out that this is a special occasion for African Americans here in Washington DC. The Easter Monday event and day of celebration takes place at the National Zoo, which is clear up NW DC. I’ve been there quite a few times myself, however never on Easter Monday. It is an amazing place to spend the day checking out all the animals. You better have on some good walking shoes and not be pressed for time.

The Easter Monday family event day started as far back as 1891, during the period when African Americans were not permitted to attend the festivities of the Easter Egg Roll at the White House. Going to The National Zoo the day after Easter became a tradition for African Americans in the Nation’s Capital, turning into a family reunion day with the works. When I say works, I mean family fun activities which included free food and drinks. The kids had a ball and you could tell that by all the smiles on their painted up faces. So, while everyone else was enjoying an Easter egg hunt at the White House, people of color were doing their on thing at the National Zoo. Adapting well to the situation of 1891 and turning it into an event that lasted for decades and still playing out today in 2014.

Considering that the sun is shining bright and the temperature is suppose to rise to 70, today is going to be a great day to hangout and celebrate a family tradition at the zoo.

African American Family Day

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