A Lioness Tale: Kumani

zoo lioness and cubs

Since this is Zoo day around here, because it is Easter Monday at The National Zoo. This is a good time to talk about my book and share the wonders of the wild with you.

A New Home for Her Cubs

Kumani is still riding high on the best seller list and I am happy about that. Her e-book is still popular. Don’t you think the lioness and her cubs at the National Zoo, could be the splitting image of Kumani and her babies?

Did you ever wonder how I came up with the idea for this story about Kumani and her wild imagination? It all started when I was watching TV, I think it was Animal Planet or Wild Kingdom and they were talking about lions and their habitats. They even mentioned how it is the female lion who actually does all the hunting for food. Lo and behold, that’s when my brain started spinning around and poof, just like that a story started dancing around in my head about a lioness who was ready to forget all about her lioness heritage and responsibilities because it was a lot of hard work. She decided to give it all up, including her pride and find something more suitable to her taste. Yeah, Kumani has a wild imagination and she isn’t afraid to act upon it. I must say, this is a cute story and a great read for young readers all over the globe. Read the story and listen to Kumani’s roars. Watch Bantu escort her on her journey to somewhere that is perfect and ideal. These two animals will make you laugh and keep you turning the pages of this book as you discover what it is like to be a lion…not just any ole lion, but a lioness whose name is Kumani. She has a mind of her own.

So keep an eye out for this lion because you will never know where you might see her.

zoo lion

Do you think this lion looks like Kumani, if not…ask yourself why.


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