Just Me Talking.


Earlier today, I was having a conniption because nothing seemed to be working correctly on my computer. The glitch with that photo image with Twitter, and then I couldn’t get my WordPress after cleaning out my cache. I was ready to scream and pull my hair out. For the WordPress problem, I kept getting an error stating that the page couldn’t load because it was set for a future date….what the heck? How did that happen and why? Then I proceeded to do a system restore…guess what, that wouldn’t work either. All I can say is, what a day, what a day!

Well thank goodness, my son to the rescue and solved the problem with why I couldn’t connect to WordPress, it had something to do with the date and time setting on my computer….it was a day off. One day off and it screws up everything. Perhaps now, that glitch with the Twitter photo will be corrected. It’s been several hours since I checked the Twitter mess and the glitch is still there. I am glad I sent an email to Twitter support. I just hope I get a response soon. I guess I will not be copying and pasting my Twitter page to Facebook until it is cleared up. However, when I do tweet something and it goes automatically to Facebook, there’s no problem. Go figure.

The day is winding now, and tonight is the night that the Easter bunny comes hopping through town. Did you put some of my books in those baskets for the kiddies? Okay,just thought I’d ask anyway. Well I am heading back to my TV program. I am watching The Ten Commandments. What are you watching?

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