Twitter Hackers


Well let’s just say that I am upset today, hot under the collar. I was tweeting stuff last night. You know how I do, and a stranger from the UK decided to follow me. I followed back. Evidently, that was the wrong thing to do. I only did it because that person said that they have a learning learning disability. I told them about my Ella Rose story with her disability. They then proceeded to tell me that I was nice to talk to. I say, I always treat people nice. Then they wanted to DM me….I didn’t go for that one. I am not sending any private messages to anyone, rather they are disabled or not. The brief conversation that we had, I thought I was talking with a female, because I did not see a picture of who I was tweeting with. That was strange and it should have sent up a red flag.
Well, this morning I try to send my niece my twitter handle, if that’s what it is called, and lo and behold, when I gave her my twitter address on Facebook, the profile picture that showed up is not of me, but of that person from the UK. At first I didn’t know who it was, but I found the name to go with the photo on Twitter and there he was. Immediately I blocked him, changed my password, my profile pic and background. But guess what, when I tried to show a friend what was going on with my twitter account, the weird photo of the UK guy is replacing my profile pic. How and why did this happen? It’s like I have a double twitter life, I clicked the UK photo off, and the link goes to my account that was updated. But why is the UK guy photo still showing up?
I blocked him, reported him, and somehow, he is still getting in as my profile pic. This is just weird. I was thinking of just deleting the entire account. This is so frustrating.
Does anyone have answers?


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