How Well Do You Know My Books?


I am sitting here thinking and trying to be creative with my book titles. So here it goes. I am an author with 11 published books. I talk about them all the time and I go crazy promoting them. So here are some questions for those of you who have read any of my books, seen my blogs and tweets and Facebook posts.
Do you want to play along? Well let’s get started.

1. How many books do I have that are published by New Line Press?
2. What book is published by Featherweight Publishing House?
3. How many books do I have for Young adult reading?
4. Who is the main Character in Spring, Where are you?
5. What book is fully illustrated?
6. What is the title of the book with the main character named Wohali?
7. What is the name of the lioness in the story “A New Home for Her Cubs?” Who is her side kick?
8. What story has a main character named Rudy?
9. Two of my titles are on the best seller list, what are they?
10. What book has a character named Charley? What is his occupation?
11. Three of my published books have multiple stories, can you name the titles of these books?
12. My first novel is titled what?
13. Who is Ella Rose and where is she from?
14. One of my books has a character named Lizzie, what’s the name of the book and who is the character causing all the trouble?
15. Which book has a story in it called, “Wishes Granted?”
16. Which book has a story in it called, “Slowpoke and Speedy?”
17. Which book has a story in it called, “The Babysitter?”

Okay, so that’s enough questions to get your brain twirling and doing spins. Do you think you can answer all the questions correctly? No cheating….just put your thinking cap on and start writing down the answers. You can reply to this blog with your answers. Remember you have to answer all 17 questions to win a prize…an honorable mention and a free book.

You may now begin. Oh boy, this is going to be fun and interesting. Shhh, no talking while you take the test.

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