A Little Book Talk

Broken Voices Kindle edition

Did you notice that not only is this still on the best seller list, it also has 5 star ratings? Which means, that this book is a great read. So, if you don’t have it, or carrying it around on your Kindle or Nook; you are missing out on the saga of Ella Rose. It might not be on the New York best seller list, but it is on the Amazon best 100 best seller list, coming in today at #57 under peer pressure. Maybe New York should pick this one up because it’s been hanging in the best seller list for a few weeks….just saying, what do you think? I believe this book is worth a showing on the New York best seller’s list, so what are they waiting for?

A New Home for Her Cubs

Kumani is coming in at #84 today on the best seller list of Amazon.com. This is some kind of lioness, she got a taste of being on the top like a star and she is refusing to step back. I don’t blame her because her story is a must read. You will be able to visualize her story as you turn the pages. Imagine the look on a young reader’s face when Bantu the parrot, tells Kumani that she will always be a lion. What? Is Kumani trying to be something she is not? If a male lion is called a king, then a female lion should be a queen…am I right or wrong? Well, I’m not going to give the story away, you will just have to read the book for yourself to find out what Kumani is up too. Read why she wants to leave the wilderness and if she is successful with what she wants to do.


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