Author Interview: I Did One Today!


This has been an interesting and promising day. It was so nice, I got up, did a little run around; came home and did a little yard work. Checking on my garden. I am happy to say it looks like they survived. I know the plants are happy that I cleared all those leaves from around them. I still have more work today. I had to give it a break because that was a workout. I will be back at it tomorrow….yeah, we have a big yard.

After I finished working on that task, I came back in the house and sat down at my computer and guess what? I had an author interview questionnaire waiting on me from “AuthorShout.” The questionnaire was lengthy, but the questions were on point and thorough. The thing about it is, I answered nearly all the questions because I had no problem finding answers. My response flowed from my fingers as if I were having a live radio interview. In other words, I knew what I was talking about and did not have to hesitate, stop and think. I didn’t get stomped. The only time I did not respond was when the questions were not applicable to me. However, most of them were. I think I aced it, but time will tell. One thing for sure, I was not nervous like I was when I did my first radio interview. With this one, the interview was held doing a phone conversation. The interviewer asked me questions and I answered them. He was recording everything to later be played over the air. However, I was nervous as a flea on a dog. The interview lasted maybe 30 minutes and when it was about over I gave a sigh of relief, but guess what happened next….embarrassing moment I tell you. He, the interviewer asked me to spell my name for the radio audience. So I did…or I thought I did. At my age, you would think I should know how to spell my name. To make a long story short, the day came when my interview was played over the air. I was excited as I listened in. But at the end of the interview, when I spelled out my name I spelled it wrong. Wioa….what the heck? I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. Thank goodness It wasn’t a TV interview….I would have been laying out on the floor. Did I say I have bad nerves. LOL

Anyway, while I sat here working on the questionnaire, I guess my legs got stiff on me from working in the yard…Lord have mercy, I went to stand up and couldn’t, that’s how bad my legs hurt after that workout. I felt like a cripple. So guess what I am going to do now when I end this post…soak in the tub. Yeah, it’s tough getting older. But hey, as long as the pain doesn’t affect my hands and fingers I will be alright cause I gotta type.


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