I’ve Been Working on…..


Okay, so what is the first thing that came to mind when you saw this blog title? Did it make you start singing about working on the railroad? 🙂
I have been working all day today…sitting down working and typing, going here and there in cyberspace posting headline news. I’ve been on my website, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and answering emails. All in all…I’ve been promoting.

But, while I was doing all this running around sitting at my desk promoting. I also noticed that two of my books are still on the 100 best seller list on Amazon. This has been going on for over a week. They are holding their own in different categories. It’s a good feeling to say that out of 11 published books you have two best sellers. I’m not complaining one bit. And it seems people are going for the e-book versions. This makes me as happy as a lark. So I thank everyone for purchasing my titles. I wish I could give you a personal “thank you.” Oh, maybe I can.

thank you blog

Amazon Best Seller Logo

My New Line Press Books


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