The Website Flip Flop


All that hard work I did yesterday with my new website, well guess what…..I trashed it.

I can’t believe what happened today. I decided I was going to work on the website, add more pages. Well, the dumb site would not load. I worked at it for a big part of the afternoon too. I couldn’t even log in. At first, I thought I had forgotten my password, which I didn’t, or my username. I even had to maneuver around to get a password change, just in case I did forget.And still, the page would not load. However, I asked a dear friend of mine to go check for me, she did using my information. Guess what…it worked fine, everything opened up as if I had done it. So I go back and try it again on my end….nothing.

Talk about somebody being mad, especially after I bought a subscription and my own name website. It was just so strange because I could go to my website, click on all the pages, which are few but I could not go to the website builder’s site to manage and update the website.

I sent an email, to the company and it takes 24-48 hours to get a response. I was told I should call them. However, since I couldn’t open the site to get the information, I had to maneuver around again and have my friend get the information for me from her end. It’s funny because she lives in Indiana, I live in Washington DC and this company come to find out, according to their phone number is over seas somewhere. Geesh, another country. So that didn’t work. By the way, I still haven’t received a response. Regardless of how proud I was of creating that website…I am not feeling it now. Something is most definitely wrong. So, here I go again, maneuvering around with the help of my long distance friend because I couldn’t even get into the account and she got it done for me. My website, information and subscription is all wiped out. Cleared, zapped and deleted. And you know what, I checked to make sure. is no longer on the web.

I said all of this to say…be careful out there when picking website builders. one thing for sure, I better not see monthly charges to my bank for something I don’t have and only used for less than 24 hours. See why I used that “Say What” caption? At times, life can be mind boggling. I’ve calmed down now and feel much better that the account was deleted. Does anyone out here in cyber-land know of a website builder that works and is affordable and not complicated? I don’t want any techie issues that will have me climbing the walls….just saying.


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