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Sitting at my desk in robe and jammies and guess what is on my mind. Let me tell you because you are taking too long to guess. The hot topic on my mind today is authors and their books. I am so appreciative of writers/authors because I like to read as well as write. But with my passion of writing, I’ve been doing more of that lately than reading. And when you write, most often what you have in mind is publishing when the writing is complete; which takes you into another new and exciting world, that also includes promoting. When you publish a book, it is the author’s responsibility to inspire and entice potential readers. How else will readers be drawn to your books if you don’t tell them about it, letting them know it is available. After you do that, it is such a fascinating feeling to watch the rankings of your priceless pieces on such places as Amazon.com. Ranks that let you know that people are buying and reading your book or books all because you took the time to promote.

Along my writing journey, I’ve met quite a few people along the way, including inspiring publishers and intriguing new authors. Today I will talk of two such persons, because I admire them; therefore, I am giving them an honorable mention on my blog to show just how much this writer/author appreciates their works and their friendships.

Today’s Literary Women who made a difference with what we read, Catherine Burr of New Line Press and Author Dragica Lord.

Now let me step back, way back into the past before I continue, because I have to go there, before I can get to here in the 21st century; after all, I’m connecting the two. In the past, somewhere during the 50’s and 60’s we enjoyed stories for children such as, Charlotte’s Web, The Cat in The Hat, Miracles on Maple Hill and Madeline’s Rescue. Our young adult reads included such things as That was Then, This is Now, Little House on the Prairie and The Earth Witch. As adults back then, we enjoyed titles such as Midnight at Marble Arch, A Sensible Life, Behind Attic Walls and Gambling on Love. All were great books for that time period. Have you read any of these titles? If so, I bet they are etched in your mind like the story of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. You don’t forget your favorites.

However, for the 21st century, we have new titles and new authors to fall in love with. Books that are just waiting to become part of your library because they are well worth the read and worthy of being deemed as “favorites,” at this day in time. Modern stories for modern day people who enjoy Kindle, iTunes and Nook Book reads as well as print books.

Catherine Burr-I mention her because she inspires me as a publisher and mentor, she is also an author and a fabulous one at that. Being acquainted with her is one of the best things that could have ever happened to me as an author. You will be impressed by the titles and the stories behind her covers. She has books for all ages. Some of her titles include: GOD LOVES ME, SHADOW CAT SERIES, GOD LOVES ME TOO, PARENTING HUMOR: MOTHERHOOD MOMENTS, DESIRES AND DECEPTIONS, SILICON SECRETS AND ORCHIDS TO DIE FOR. Catherine Burr is a name you should never forget when you are looking for that ideal book. She has you covered from children to adult in great reading material. Catherine Burr knows her stuff and presents it well.

Author Dragica Lord-In my eyesight, this author is rising in ranks, she is a marvelous writer and a dear friend. Her artistic work is spilling over in modern reads for today’s modern time readers. She too has books for young adults and the older generation. This author definitely has a way with words. Her imagination is awesome, taking you on a magical carpet ride with her fiction that sometimes deals with fantasy, true to life and a lot of drama. As a matter of fact, our latest books seemed to be running neck to neck. Our publishing feat being accomplished one day apart of one another. When it happened, we were both doing the happy dance in cyberspace. Her titles includes such things as: INNOCENT OF TRIBULATION, THE CREZCHEK FILES (opening statement), PHACEBOOK DRAMA AND CHILDREN OF SAINT CLOUD. So, the next time you are looking for a great read, remember her name too when you are browsing new titles and authors.

These two women are spectacular in what they do. Therefore, I bring them into the spotlight.

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