Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail & Winona Rasheed

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In a couple of weeks adults will be running around looking for baskets and goodies to put in them for the upcoming Easter Holiday. But I am hoping while you are thinking about colored eggs, chocolate rabbits and jelly beans; you also think about slipping some great and inspiring reads into those baskets. As a matter of fact…you better get some big baskets, especially when adding my books to those goodie baskets.

Did you know that I have 11 published books and all of them on Amazon, Barnes&Noble and a few are even selling at the iTunes store. And guess what else, all of the books can be bought as either an ebook for Kindles and Nook Books as well as and I am happy to say…a print version is available as well. After all, people still like the idea of holding a real book in their hands and I and my publishers happen to like the idea of giving my potential buyers options. That’s how I strut my stuff.

Now let’s take a look at my titles, because I bet you don’t know all of them. So you better sit down and make out a title list to check out when you visit Amazon, Itunes store and Barnes & Noble.

1.Bittersweet Dayz-My newest edition for teens.
2.Broken Voices– My first young adult read, of which Bittersweet Dayz is book 2 of this series.
3. A New Home for Her Cubs- This book is for young readers to the age of 12. This book has been on the best seller list for a week now, hanging in there with Broken Voices, which is also on the best seller list.
4. Along Came Jelly-Beanz- A book for young readers 6-9 but of course, 10 -year-olds will enjoy this too, because it deals with fantasy and friendships.
5. Itchy Scratchy Spots– My one and only fully illustrated books, books, because young readers like looking at pictures when they read.
6. Wohali and the Little People– A Native American tale for children in the tween bracket 9-12. Step into the life of a Cherokee Indian boy.
7. Spring Where are you?- A story for young readers 6-8- Gracie can’t find spring even though the adults around her says it’s just around the corner….(say what?)
8. The Race is On!- A great read for those interested in the defeats and wins of car racing. Intended audience ages 9-11

All the books listed above are single stories, but guess what, I have three books that contain several different stories behind their covers. Great reading for bedtime stories, circle time reading, and read-to-me books and when you want to cuddle and tell a story.

9. Sugar and Spice Fairy Tales for Girls- Titles include: Too Big for Us, Macy’s Apple Tree Friend and Wishes Granted. Three stories that deal with fantasy and make believe.

10. Smiles and Frowns Through Animal Town’s Storybook– Five stories are included in this book for young readers 6-9, where the main characters are all animals.

11. Stories from Grandma’s Garden– Inside the pages of this book, you will find titles such as: Just My Imagination, The Babysitter and last but not least… Silver and Gold Friends. This book is for children ages 7-10.

As you can see, I’ve been busy creating and having published great books since 2008. I’ve come full circle since the 1960’s, for that’s when my writing journey began. That’s when the bug hit me. I found my calling and my God given talent and I am loving what I do….creating books for awesome children all over the world.

What are your kids reading over spring break?


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