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What’s Happening FRIDAY?

blog lady 2

You know, when I am in this little blog space, I usually talk about my books, or author stuff. Today is no different, I am about to give an update.

It’s alway good for an author to keep up with their publishing adventures. Don’t just let the books sit there and you don’t do anything after they are published. That is a big no no. I’ve posted, promoted, blogged, and tweeted so much, it makes me wonder if readers get sick of it. Oh well, if they do, there’s nothing I can do about that kind of attitude.

Update #1 A New Home for Her Cubs (kindle edition) is still on the top best seller list. Coming in at 81. This to me shows that this book must be a great read and readers are enjoying it, because the number changes daily.

New_home_sm Kumani book cover

Update #2 With the release of Bittersweet Dayz, it’s not only selling on Amazon, but it just went live in the iTunes store as well today. I know a couple of people who were waiting for it to come to Apple iTunes. Their wish was granted today. As a matter of fact, this book and Broken Voices both are in 51 countries where the iTunes store is popular and on demand for those readers who love electronic reads.
Broken Voices Kindle edition
Amazon-Bittersweet Dayz Kindle Edition

Update #3 Visit me anytime on my website. New things are always popping up there.

Update #4 I found a new place for authors to hang out and promote their books. This looks very promising and hopeful. Therefore, I registered, listed my latest book and set up an author profile. I am waiting to see how many readers I draw in. You know me…the more the merrier. The website might interest you too.

Well, that’s enough updating for today. I just wanted to blog a little bit and share with you what I am doing today. Tomorrow is D day for me…I go to the dentist…Let’s just say I am trying to be brave and not think about it. Yes, I have a deep phobia for some reason. When this is all over, I should create a children’s book about going to the dentist, or maybe not. I hate rats too, that doesn’t mean I can write about them, too darn creepy for my blood and in my mindset, the dentist rates right up there with the rodents.

Talk at ya later. I hope you got a giggle from this.



Winona or Mz Nona is an inspiring writer living in Washington DC with her hubby of many years. She enjoys writing so much that she is even a freelance article writer. When she is not busy creating articles, she is busy creating books for the young. Mz Nona has 6 published books out already and a 7th one is in the makings, for she just signed a contract with a publisher. Mz Nona loves to inspire others to write and she does so with her freelance writing and editing business, Dream Writers' Essentials. She not only creates her own manuscripts, she help others fine tune theirs for submission. She is great at giving writing tips and resources. Winona is a bundle of information, for she loves to blog and she is a super fan or Facebook and Twitter.

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