Reviews That Make You Cringe


Not to long ago, I was updating my Goodread’s page. I was trying to remember how to upload the covers of some missing books. Well, to make a long story short, I figured it out. But, while doing so, I stumbled upon something else that caught my attention concerning my books. Actually one book in particular. Let me just say I was thrown for a loop. My heart fell to the floor and then I became angry. I was so mad, it had me sitting up in here cursing and ready to beat somebody’s brains out of their heads. I was spit fire upset, so mad I could feel my blood pressure rising and you know that is not right to let something get to you like that. So, I calmed down over a cup of coffee and a small bag of chocolate chip cookies as I nursed my author ego back into shape. Let me tell you, that took over a couple of hours as I stewed over a book review, one single negative book review and I got bent all out of shape. So, now I am hear to talk about it.

Negative book reviews makes you feel like crap, like you don’t know what you are doing. It makes you even question yourself as a writer/author. But for real, it made me want to go scratch somebody’s eyes out and stomp their head into the ground. Yes, little ole me was feeling these emotions and more.

Of all the books that I have my name on, one female person picks my best seller to dog out. That’s right, “Broken Voices” and me as the author got squashed to pieces. I should have noticed when this review was written, but after seeing red, I couldn’t see anything but the negative words coming out of this lame reviewer’s mouth.

She had the nerve to say that she doesn’t know how this book ever got published. She said that I must not have done research on the hearing impaired and that the story was embarrassing and that I was insensitive. Say what? There is not an insensitive bone in my body! And who is she to say that I did not do research, when in fact I did. To make the story sound real, I had to research the topic so I could write about it. I had to feel it and become sensitive to my main character so she could tell her story and for the readers to hear her voice.

For her to write in public and say in her review that it was embarrassing and she doesn’t see how it was published, to me…it put a bad light on my publisher. That really pissed me off, because my publisher is the best. They only publish the best, and they expect only the best of their authors; after all, their name goes on the book too. And quite frankly, I do not do shoddy work. I take pride in being an author and in producing top rated work.

If this book, “Broken Voices” was as she said it was in her viewpoint, so bad and worthless, why did it keep climbing the top 100 best seller list on Amazon, not once, but several times +?

I can’t help it, but this lame reviewer just worked my nerves today! I believe I would have given her more than a piece of my mind if we were standing face to face. Her review was shocking and uncalled for. What was her point and what was her main reason to be so ugly with her negative criticism? It didn’t turn people away from the book. But I have to say, for a hot instant, while I was under attack, I wanted to pull all my books from Goodreads. After all, I am like a protective mother hen, don’t attack my babies.

After I read that review, I immediately began looking at the rest of my books and their responses. Nothing there that would make me scream, curse and pull my hair out. They were safe from the tongue of that rude, vicious reviewer so far.

I suppose, as an author it is true, you have to take the bitter with the sweet and don’t take to heart all the negative things that you may hear about your book treasures or yourself as an author/artist. Not everybody will appreciate what you do for one reason or another. Somebody is bound to erk your nerves and try to put a damper on your spirit, crash your party and crush your worthiness. But think twice before you do something unprofessional out of anger and hurt and whatever you do, don’t let negative reviews keep you from doing what you do best…writing, telling a story, for with every one negative review, there are dozen more positive ones that will shine brightly on you.

Whew! this was a long one. I didn’t know I had so much to say, but I guess I did.


4 thoughts on “Reviews That Make You Cringe

  1. I’m sorry about the bad review, I think reviewers should learn the difference between constructive criticism and just being mean and unhelpful. He/she did not need to get personal or attack you to express their opinion on the book – hopefully you’re not too angry anymore, and remember if your book is doing so well you must be doing something right! Keep going and don’t let one person bring you down 🙂


    • Bless your heart, Claribel. Thank you for your moving words. Yes, the book is doing very well, so what I should have done was just ignored that bad review, but it took me for a loop and into a dark space. I am out of there now. Words can hurt, regardless of how strong or professional you are. There is a right way to criticize someone and putting forth constructive criticism that is not damaging and demeaning is the correct way to responding to something you don’t like or approve of. There’s too many thoughtless and crude individuals in this world. I am glad I am not one of them. I don’t believe you are either.


      • I agree, I think people tend to forget when they’re behind a keyboard that there is another human being on the other side of that screen. I doubt they’d be that harsh in person, it probably has a lot less to do with your book and a lot more to do with either their expectation of what they wanted to read or maybe them just being cranky and needing an outlet. I don’t think reviews that are unnecessarily cruel are necessary or needed, constructive criticism absolutely. And thank you 🙂 I try to treat people how I’d like to be treated and when I got my first bad review I felt terrible about myself and cried, mostly because the reviewer was snarky and mean, but they also did make a few good points – so I tried to learn from that and then let it go. Happy for you about your book, keep going and good luck going fwd! 😀


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