Proof Copy

Me and print version Bittersweet

Well this blog post is certainly on a happier note than the one that was posted earlier. I just had to share my happy news with you.
My proof copy arrived today, this is the print version of Bittersweet Dayz. Doesn’t it look impressive. Over 160 pages of pure reading delight. I am telling you, you won’t be able to put it down until you come to the end and then you are going to want more….but there is no more, no book 3 of the Broken Voices series in the makings…at least not yet. So you better get this one while it’s hot. Oh yes…you still have to wait for the print version to come out, so hold your horses.

As you can tell I am feeling better and back to my normal self. Happy go lucky me, but I am hanging in there on the sleepy side a little bit and I have a toothache. However, I go to the dentist on Saturday, but a nap is in order for today to curb these yawns.
So, with all that said, let me get back to the current event…my proof copy. Take a look at the pictures. I know you will be impressed.
Bitter Sweet proof copy print version

Bittersweet dayz back cover proof copy

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