Live and Kicking

Bittersweet Dayz Best Seller

This is just so amazing! And yes, I just gotta talk about it. It has been at least 24 hours now, since this new book of mine went live in ebook form; and this evening I get word that it is on Amazon’s top 100 best seller’s list as well as listed under their “Hot New Releases.” Talk about an author’s delightful moment. I am feeling it! I am loving this magical carpet ride as an author. It keeps me “Struttin’My Stuff,” which reminds me, I am going to have to go update my author website. I told you about that, didn’t I?

Yep, I have a website that I have to keep up with too, my other avenue of keeping you informed. Speaking of websites, I also have a web spot for my little entrepreneur business as a freelancer; so you see, I have enough to keep me busy and rolling. I will tell you more about that later…wanna know why later, because I need to go update that site too and refresh it. With the process of this new book, I am afraid I’ve neglected other things while trying to get it done and into your hands. But I will catch up with my to-do list of things.

But, in the meanwhile, check out my author website. Just a few days ago, I took it through some modifications, giving it a new look and all. Since I am not techie, I have to go the easy route in creating a website on my own. I can’t use anything that’s complicated, because I will mess it up every time. And if it is too confusing….well lets just say I get frustrated and that ain’t a pretty sight. So, I use things that I can deal with and won’t drive me crazy. LOL Hey, do ya blame me?

Stop by and tell me what you think.

“Struttin My Stuff Cafe”………….That’s me.


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