New Book is Part of a Series

Okay, my excitement is showing because I keep posting about this book nonstop. I can’t help it, I can’t stop talking about it. Don’t get me wrong, I am not bragging…just showing off my excitement with a little promoting and spreading the word.

Broke Voices has a book two that goes along with it, so it is referred to as a series. But, I call them sister books because they go hand in hand. When you read one, you will want to read the other.

So as I sit here beaming from the inside out with my new release, I must say, it’s not about me, the author; no, it’s about Ella Rose, the main character and making her light shine and her voice heard. It’s showing her struggles and strengths, her highs and lows, her triumphs and defeats as the stories depicts how life must go on, even for the hearing impaired, or for those living with other kinds of disabilities that can’t be fixed with a band aid.

Check out the sister books kindle editions, the Broken Voices series on and soon to come to Barnes and Noble. Oh I can’t wait for the release of the print version. You gotta love it!

Amazon-Bittersweet Dayz Kindle Edition

Broken Voices Kindle edition


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