Bittersweet Dayz

Bittersweet Days print book cover

Today I received the go signal to show off my new book. I am so excited. Book 2 of the “Broken Voices series” published by New Line Press aka NLP. Actually, the book isn’t ready yet, it hasn’t been released. Still tidying up, but the covers for the print book and the ebook are ready. I think they look awesome, don’t you?

The first time I saw this cover, it was screaming..yes, yes, yes this is the one! And you know what, Ella Rose Abbot likes it too. If you don’t know by now, she is the main character in this new upcoming book and she has a story to tell. I must say, she tells it very well too. She takes the spotlight in “Bittersweet Dayz,” however, not without circumstances that try to crush her spirit. Will she rise or fall? You will just have to read the book when it is released to find out. I will say this, handicapped individuals know how to survive and adapt to their situations. Now let me shut up before I spoil it.

Another great book coming to you soon by author Winona Rasheed and New Line Press. So keep checking back for more details. You know I will be giving shout-outs as they come.

bittersweet dayz JPEG ebook cover

Ebook and Print coming your way soon!

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