Book Talk

happy-dance 3

Yesterday I was telling you that I signed the contract with the publisher for my new book. I love working with my publisher, New Line Press aka NLP. They walk with me through the entire process giving input and suggestions which I take in consideration whole hardheartedly, because they know what they are doing.
Last night and from early morning to late afternoon, I’ve been wracking my brain on a new title that is catchy and at last, I found it and I am satisfied; so is Ella Rose. Don’t you just love that name? However, I am not going to mention the title just yet. I’m going to make you sweat.

But guess what else happened today, I saw the test covers for the book and decided upon one that is perfect. When I saw it, I knew I didn’t have to think about it, or ponder over it…it was the one, so I made a decision on that. However, not going to show you the cover just yet…gonna make you sweat. Am I getting you all geared up for this new book? Well that’s the purpose of this blog.It’s doing its job.

I was out in the kitchen working, thinking, drinking my coffee and doing my dishes when all of a sudden…I stopped in mid stream and ran to my computer…after all, I have to keep you updated on what I am doing and what is happening because I love sharing my good news. Now that all this is said, I guess I better head back to where I was. I plan on being done sometime today. But hey, I am not in a hurry. Time is on my side today.

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