Yeah….Spring is Here!!

Can you believe it? It has finally arrived…Spring that is! What a glorious day to get out and kick up your heels and celebrate. And guess what…the sun is shining bright today as well here in Washington, DC. But oh poor us, the weather people says that snow is coming our way on Tuesday. Now isn’t that the pits? It is suppose to be 70 on Saturday; sounds so good to me, but with the pending snow, don’t think I will be pulling out the flip flops and tank tops just yet because of this wicky wacky weather. Patience is the key word here….do you have patience?

Since this is the first day of spring, it is also a good day to promote some springtime reading. You know you want to add some new books to your young reader’s bookshelves and that goes for the young adult readers too. I know they got their Kindles and I have some titles for them as well. Well, one or two, but I am working on another so my book list is growing. I love writing and creating, because after all….you love reading. Hey, I know you do, so guess what….these titles are for you.

Along Came Jelly-Beanz final book cover

Itchy Scratchy Spots

Jump into Spring with Gracie


Spring is here and so are these books; selling on and Barnes and Noble…..But wait, I have more. I will promote them in another post because I am running out of space on this blog.

Happy Reading and Happy Spring.


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