Wednesday Chat.

Betty Boop glamour 2

Well shame on me for being too distracted to write a blog, but it gets like that sometime.
My day was free somewhat today. The reason for that is because I finished up my second draft late last night. Did one more go over this morning and then zipped the manuscript off to my fabulous publisher.

It seems that spring will be officially here tomorrow and the snow that we got the other day has disappeared. I am so looking forward to warmer, sunshiny days. I can’t wait to see some flowers in this yard and some green grass. But guess what, they say we are suppose to get one last snow storm coming through here next week. Say what? Can’t bring out the grill just yet, or bring out my stand-by-me flip flops? Good grief, I am in such a big hurry for this to happen and put away these cotton pickin winter clothes….let my body breathe and get a tan. LOL, yeah I said it.

I received an email from WordPress today, and they were talking about new and improved emoticons that can be used with your blogs. However, I don’t see the old ones, let alone the new ones. I was going to try them out. This sucks. Where are they?

I have the pleasure of entertaining my 3 year old grandson today, I just love to hear him talk and laugh. But you know what, he is a busy body, which means I have my hands full. So, with that said, I better get off here. He wants to see Mickey Mouse.

Mercy, it’s 6’o clock already, guess I am not used to this time change yet.


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