Spur of the Moment

spur of the  moment

Have you ever done anything at the spur of the moment? Something hits you suddenly and you just jump up and do it. Well this happened to me the other day. Now mind you, this doesn’t happen too often with me, because I always think things through and plan ahead first. I just don’t dive right in. I think the last time I did something at the spur of the moment was when I decided to change furniture around in my house. That happened because I was getting the wintertime blues and just needed a little change. Oh another thing I did during the wintertime blues and since I was stuck in the house; I just jumped up and ordered me a Galaxy 3 tablet online. However, I really didn’t need another tablet because I already had two…but I did it anyway…at the spur of the moment. The thought entered my mind and then bam! Click! One less thing off my wish list, which is long.

But the other day, another idea struck my fancy at the spur of the moment and I jumped up and did it. I ran to the bathroom and grabbed the scissors. Need I say more?

Do I have any regrets with this spur of the moment thing? No I do not. I am loving my new look as I get ready for spring. No more bad hair days. I love having hair that is manageable and easy to take care of…just get up and go and still be stylish and cool.

Now tell me, what do you think?
I went from this:January 29 me 1

and this:me 1

To….me short hair 2

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